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TutorialBank: Learning NLP Made Easier

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Welcome! If you’ve made it here, you are probably interested in Natural Language Processing (NLP) or a related field (even if you’re not, keep reading!). NLP is rapidly growing, and, as a result, advancing in the field can seem daunting to the student or the researcher. To help the growing NLP community and advance research related to NLP for educational applications, we introduced a new corpus through our search engine called All About NLP (AAN) found at and in our paper “TutorialBank: Using a Manually-Collected Corpus for Prerequisite Chains, Survey Extraction and Resource Recommendation” (see github) by Alexander Fabbri, Irene Li, Prawat Trairatvorakul, Yijiao He, Weitai Ting, Robert Tung, Caitlin Westerfield and Dragomir Radev from the Language, Information, and Learning at Yale (LILY) lab.